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Keeping up with the times

Rising gas prices

With energy prices on the rise and the arrival of winter, the Saicozero Multizone together with the new generation of instant clear coat offers a great opportunity for body shops to keep up with the times. A system successfully created by Saicozero founder Pierangelo Ghilardi in 2004, the Multizone is synonymous with eco-efficiency: high performance with minimum consumption

Now with the new generation of instant top coat that makes the need for high temperatures during the cure phase obsolete, it is truly possible to cut heating costs to zero year-round. Read more to learn how. 

For the environment and for your wallet

In addition to the innovative design of the Multizone that improves the compactness of the booth, comfort for the operator and overall workflow of the body shop, it is Saicozero’s Regenerative Filtration System that makes the Multizone in all respects the best solution for those who want to work and earn money. The system reduces operating costs and emissions whilst maintaining a clean working environment inside the booth and very high performance. With the Multizone you can reach 42000 m3/h and 20°C inside the booth with only 18 kW and 0 dollars for gas. With skyrocketing energy prices, the Multizone system is in fact the only system that will allow you to maintain high productivity without having to think about energy bills at the end of the month.

Multizone and instant clear coat - the perfect combination

The Multizone coupled with instant clear coat is quite literally a match made in heaven, allowing body shops to cut the heating costs of their spray booths by 100%.

High temperatures are no longer necessary to achieve exceptional results. The new generation of instant clear coat allows painted objects to dry quickly with only 20°C. This means that body shops can take even more advantage of the Multizone system by cutting spray booth heating costs to ZERO year-round.

How does it work? Thanks to the sophisticated technology used, the heat is recovered from the ventilation and the Regenerative Filtration System acts as a thermal mass that allows for the almost total recovery of the enthalpy content of the air. In this way the isothermic and exothermic characteristics of the system are exploited to the maximum and heat transfer is optimised, maintaining the temperature inside the booth always around 20°C during the cold months, while during the summer period the heat is expelled. All of this without compromising the air inside the booth which is clean in strict compliance with the regulations of each country around the world.

With the Saicozero Multizone system and instant clear coat, refinishing has never been faster, cheaper and more profitable

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