The era of the Circular Economy

We are ready!

COVID and the environmental events of recent years have taught us the importance of taking care: taking care of the workers and their comfort, the environment and the people around us.

The concept

A more relevant and necessary idea than ever, the circular economy is based on the principle of taking care of the planet by avoiding waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems. 

Renewable energy

From our solar-powered production to our revolutionary products, made 98% of recyclable materials and characterised by their unrivaled efficiency, regeneration of air and long life, for us the “Circular Economy” is already a true and palpable reality.

Innovative products

For this reason, when in 2015 the European Commission issued the first communication to adopt the European Union action plan for a circular economy, our product already satisfied all the requirements of the plan. Since always, our philosophy and KNOW-HOW allow us to offer innovative and safe products that meet the needs of the environment and workers while increasing performances.  

Efficiency mission

Our goal, therefore, remains that of 2004: to develop products that guarantee enormous benefits for both our customers and the environment. The Saicozero Multizone: better comfort and efficiency with minimal operating costs, emissions and waste.

Always two steps ahead in technology

The #Saicozero team

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