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How design can improve the comfort and therefore the productivity of the spray booth

Why meticulous design matters

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a spray booth is that someone will be working in it. The job of the painter involves moving vehicles in and out the booth and spending hours and hours inside the booth, usually in a standing position, performing prepping and painting operations. Our job as the designer is therefore to make the spray booth as comfortable and easy to work in and move around as possible.

The meticulous design of Saicozero booths comes from the strong belief that increasing the comfort of the worker will have a direct impact on the productivity of the body shop. Comfort for us is in fact synonymous with workability – it’s not just about making the life of the operator better but it’s also about making getting the job done easier

The spray booth is a means to an end, a tool to be used to achieve clean paint jobs as efficiently as possible. The design of our booths solves three common problems that prohibit the ability of painters to work efficiently.

1. Intrusive structures

In order to have an efficient and fluid workflow, the spray booth should adapt to its surrounding working environment. Different buildings have different space restrictions. Some have more space than others, but in any case, it is very important for body shops to use their space wisely as it will set the tone for their workflow.

Spray booths have always occupied a large part of body shops’ space, requiring a lot of masonry work as well as intrusive columns and ceiling hangers. Our compact design solves this in the following ways: 

  • The generator is only 70-100 cm wide and can be positioned directly against the wall with maintenance from inside the booth.
  • The floor is only 18 cm tall and does not require excavations.
  • The structure is self-supported – no ceiling hangers or intrusive columns needed. The absence of columns enables operators to move freely in and out of the booth without encountering obstacles

Our design allows us to offer a wide range of solutions to fit the working environment of each body shop perfectly. Taking advantage of every single centimetre of available space. 

2. Distress from working on grills

Continuous walking on gratings causes fatigue for the operator. Our special Flat Comfort Floor is the perfect solution for this. 

Our Flat Comfort Floor is made with profiles with a high concentrated load, topped by profiles made of perforated sheet where necessary. The directional perforation ensures uniform suction over the whole surface. The complete flat and smooth surface improves the comfort of the operator and eases the handing of mobile trolleys and part stands.

3. High temperatures and not ideal humidity levels

As heat waves become an ever-more common phenomenon, being able to reduce the temperature and control the humidity levels inside the booth can truly revolutionise your work. High temperatures and not ideal humidity levels disturb the comfort of the operator and reduce the quality of the paint job. The ideal temperature and humidity level for painting vehicles is around 22°C and 50%. 

With our sophisticated technology you can maintain these temperatures and humidity levels year-round despite external climate conditions.

Climate control allows you to: 

  • have a stabilised painting process throughout the whole year;
  • maintain desired temperatures despite external climate conditions;
  • significantly improve the comfort for the operator (no one should have to paint cars in a 40°C spray booth); 
  • obtain superior refinishes. 

Of course, it is our Regenerative Filtration System that makes real climate control possible with minimum operating costs. 

And voila! There you have it. How meticulous design can improve comfort and therefore productivity of the spray booth. 

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