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“Climate control” is another term used ever too loosely in the spray booth community. This blog aims to clear out any misunderstandings on what a climate-controlled spray booth truly is. 

To do so, we will start by highlighting what it is not. Climate control does not mean simply being able to measure the humidity and temperature of the booth. To state the obvious — we can all easily add a hygrometer and thermometer to the booth, but these tools will certainly not allow us to control or make any changes to its climate. Climate control is much more than measuring the obvious. In 2017, Saicozero was the first company to develop a system that, with minimum energy, allows you to lower the temperature and fully control the humidity of the spray booth — FOR REAL!

Our climate control system is based on a highly sophisticated design that takes into thorough consideration the actual external weather conditions and the desired internal conditions. It maintains constant temperatures and humidity levels throughout the whole year, stabilizing the painting process and significantly improving the comfort of the operator.

To sum it up:

  • Using the term “climate control” to describe a system that can merely measure the humidity and temperature of the booth is dangerously misleading.  
  • Climate control is a sophisticated system that allows you to maintain the temperature and humidity of the booth at set levels despite the external climate conditions. 
  • Climate-controlled booths allow for a stabilized painting process throughout the whole year and significantly improve the comfort of the operator.
  • When improperly designed, spray booth climate control requires an impossible amount of space, power and water to operate.

True to our philosophy as a company, Saicozero continues to push the limits by putting revolutionary concepts into practice and achieving extraordinary results.

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