Climate Control without Wasting Water

The sustainable solution

The need for temperature and humidity control in spray booths

As the frequency and intensity of heat waves continue to rise, climate control is becoming increasingly important for maintaining a comfortable and safe working environment. 

In many regions, extreme heat can make it difficult to work effectively, and can even pose a threat to workers’ health and safety. However, systems such as Adiabatic Cooling in spray booths require a large amount of water that goes to waste.

The call for sustainability

The last few years have shed light on the fact that all resources are finite, pushing us all to think about sustainability not only when it comes to our consumption of energy, but also our consumption of water

It is therefore essential that we prioritize low-water usage strategies in cooling systems to ensure that we can maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without overtaxing water resources.

Water waste in Adiabatic Cooling

Adiabatic Cooling, which uses the evaporation of water to reduce air temperature, can be a relatively effective and energy-efficient way to cool buildings and industrial processes. However, this method, especially when applied to spray booths with traditional filtration systems, is extremely water-intensive.

The process relies on the evaporation of water to cool the surrounding air, which means that a constant supply of water is necessary for the system to work. Spray booths require high airflow rates to effectively remove overspray and fumes, which increases the water usage of adiabatic cooling systems.

Additionally, the disposal of wastewater from these systems can also pose environmental risks, potentially contaminating groundwater or surface water.

Saicozero Regenerative Filtration: A climate control system with low energy consumptions and NO WATER WASTE

Our Regenerative Filtration System allows you to lower the temperature and control the humidity of the booth with minimum energy consumptions and without wasting a drop of water. This is because it is a Closed-Circuit Cooling system.

The Multizone is attached to a chiller which cools down the air inside the booth without wasting any water.

In numbers: starting from 15 kW (depending on the size of the booth) and no water usage is required to maintain the temperature inside the Multizone at around 25°C despite external climate conditions (think about those hot and unbearable summer days where temperatures reach 35°C or higher).


The increase in heatwaves has made climate control inside the spray booth essential for working at full capacity also during the summer months. The problem with traditional booths is that they require much more power and the only way to cool down the air is to consume large amounts of water that further increases the humidity levels inside the booth.

In today’s world sustainability is no longer a choice, it is a necessity from an economic and an environmental standpoint. We no longer live in excess, and we must start doing more with less.

Our sophisticated Regenerative Filtration system maintains performance, comfort, and productivity with minimum consumptions. A sustainable system thought for the long run.

Always two steps ahead in technology.

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