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Since 2004, we provide innovative eco-painting systems around the world for body shops, aviation and manufacturing. Our revolutionary painting system is based on an operational zone that drastically reduces emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. The Saicozero All-In-One work cycle, even in an open area, reduces your operating costs while significantly improving the quality of your work. 


Customised painting solutions

Prep area

Highly efficient prep areas, designed to increase your workflow and keep the work environment clean during prepping and sanding operations.

Spray booth

Paint booths with dry filtration that distinguish themselves thanks to their superior performances, comfort and efficiency.


An eco-painting system that allows you to prep, paint and cure vehicles and objects in a single processing area with minimum emissions and costs.


Top-class down and semi-down draft industrial spray booths for painting industrial components in a clean and safe environment.


The most comfortable, performant and efficient spray booths for prepping, painting and curing aircrafts on the market.

Paint Platforms

Your go-to solution for the fast, orderly and economic repair of large quantities of cars in the case of a hail storm or other event.



Discover our list of accessories to make your body shop more unique, comfortable and performant.

Floor Lights

Further illuminate the inside of the booth or zone to achieve better results.

Modular Lift

Lift and tilt the vehicle for an effective extraction of the paint vapours.

Touch Screen

To operate the booth in an easy and intuitive manner even remotely.

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Better illumination without compromising the airflow

A design that allows for the perfect illumination without causing dead zones and turbulences inside the booth…

Diversify your energy with one click

The multiple energy generator that allows you to easily switch between electric, methane and LPG with one click…


State-of-the-art spray booths

New generation spray booths designed from top to bottom to improve the quality and efficiency of your body shop.

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