STJ Series

Simple, classy and efficient

The STJ Series was designed following the highest technological standards to provide the best traditional spray booth on the market.

The STJ is designed to ensure a strong and equally distributed airflow throughout the whole booth in all work phases. The performances and dimensions are customised to fit the needs of each client. We also offer accessories to make each booth unique and tailored to the environment of the body shop. 

22000 m3/h
26000 m3/h
32000 m3/h
42000 m3/h

Stay ahead of the game

Superior performance and efficiency

Traditional dry filtration

Three-stage dry filtration to ensure a clean working environment and continuous strong airflow.

Uniform downdraft airflow

Integrated diffuser inside the plenum for a strong and equally distributed downdraft airflow.

Customised solutions

The dimensions and performances of the STJ can be personalised to fit the needs of each client.

Floor options

Choose which floor fits the needs of your working environment.

Full grilled floor

A classic full grilled floor made with profiles with a concentrated load, topped by galvanised gratings with sub-filters.

Flat & Grilled Comfort Floor

The Flat & Grilled Comfort Floor is designed to optimise the comfort of the operator and ease the movement of equipment carts and stands.

Classic design


Multiple energy generator

Option to include the EMG generator to diversify your energy with a click. Switch between electric, methane and LPG at your convenience.

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