Spray Booth Installation: Planning for Success

Considerations to make before an installation

There are many reasons for which we prefer to visit our prospective clients’ location before making an offer. These include better understanding the client’s needs and workflow, but also getting to know the actual site where the booth will be installed.

Unlike other machinery, the installation of a spray booth is more complex. Seeing how much space the client has, the height of the building, where the ductwork can be located, if there is a possibility to make a pit, etc. helps us understand what we can and should offer.

In this blog post we explore various considerations to make when planning to install a spray booth, and possible solutions for space or legal restrictions.

Obstacles and space restrictions

The most common “challenge” we face is space restrictions. Some clients require a spray booth with specific internal dimensions and are simply tight in space. Here are some common scenarios and solutions:

Width / length restrictions: for clients with limited ground area

All our spray booth models have the option to be positioned directly against the wall. This means that no space is required between the generator and the booth, and that maintenance is performed directly from inside the booth. On average, this will save about 1,5 meters of space compared to traditional solutions.

On top of that, our TC Compact and Multizone models are designed with a 1-meter compact and ultra-performant generator, compared to the 1,5 – 2 meters required for traditional solutions. E.g.: for a booth with internal dimensions 7 x 4 meters, we can fit a spray booth in about 8 x 4 meters or 7 x 5 meters.   

Another solution, for clients that have space outside of the building, is to place the generator outside.

For booths without excavations, our TC and Multizone models only need a one-meter ramp. 

Should this extra meter not be available, the modular ramp is also a great solution to save space in length or width.

The ramp is placed inside the booth and it can easily be raised and lowered with a click. 

Height restrictions

The first solution for height restrictions is to see if there is the possibility to make an excavation to save space for the floor. If not, the floor for our TC and Multizone models is only 18 – 20 cm tall, about 10 cm less than the best traditional solutions, without compromising the performance.

We can also save height by placing the burner outside the building.

Permits and other legal requirements

Before installing a spray booth, you must verify what permissions are required for your local region. Often, permissions for gas / oil burners inside buildings, as well as for structural supports are required. You must also ensure that the emissions of the booth are within the limits stated by the law of the region.  

Permissions for gas / oil burners

Permissions for burners are usually easy to obtain. If you cannot obtain them, there is the option to:

  • place the burner outside the building;
  • use electric heating;
  • with our Multizone models, no burners are required to reach 20°C. With the new generation of instant topcoat, you do not have to reach high temperatures during the cure phase. You can read our other blog post on this topic to learn more.
Permissions for structural supports

Excavations, ceiling hangers, floor mounted supports or any other structural support required for installing the booth often require legal permissions. These are easy to obtain but can be time-consuming.  

One of our solutions to offer easier and faster installations, is our self-supporting structure. 

This structure requires no ceiling hangers, floor mounted supports or structural columns. It makes the installation much simpler, improves the aesthetic of the booth and does not require any permissions… YAY!

Low emission requirements in areas such as city centres or apartment complexes

This is an ever-more frequent problem for body shops located in populated areas. Our Multizone range offers spray booths with the highest level of performance and significantly reduced emissions compared to any other system on the market.

We have successfully installed high-performant spray booths in areas with emission restrictions such as near apartment complexes, city centres, natural reserves, etc. Learn more about our Multizone model with Regenerative Filtration system in this blog post.


When it comes to installing a spray booth, there are many considerations to make based on the available space and geographical location of the client. It can be a daunting process, however, by consulting with an expert spray booth manufacturer, there is always a good solution. 

Whether the “problem” is space restrictions, legal permissions or emission limits, we provide solutions tailored to the needs of each client, making the installation process as fast, economic and smooth as possible.

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