Diversify your energy with one click

The multiple energy generator for spray booths

A solution for maintaining the energy security of your body shop

As prices sky rocket, it is important to to not find yourself depending on one single energy source. Remain flexible and dynamic, always up to date with the ever-changing energy market.

In the coming months it is likely that there will be moments when electric or methane will be more convenient than LPG or vice versa. Allow yourself the flexibility to choose when you want to use each energy source, easily changing between the three at your convenience.

LPG prices go up and methane or electric is more convenient? No problem, you can switch between the three with one click. It’s really that simple. With Saicozero’s new multiple energy generator – the EMG generator – you can change between electric, methane and LPG at your liking.

  • more flexibility
  • improves the energy security of your business
  • low installation and maintenance costs
  • economic solution 
Possibility to upgrade existing booths

There is no need to invest in a whole new installation, you can upgrade your existing booth with the EGM generator. This is an easy and practical solution for body shops that want to stay ahead of the game. 

If you are interested in upgrading an existing booth contact us sales@saicozero.com

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