Discover our list of accessories designed to increase the comfort, uniqueness and efficiency of your body shop.

Personalise your work space

The below list showcases some of our most popular accessories. The list is not exhaustive, please contact us if you want something special.

Lift & Tilt

Lift & Tilt

Each side can be lifted independently so that operators can easily access all parts of the vehicle.

Superior comfort

The Modular Lift improves the comfort of the operator during painting operations.

User friendly

The vehicle is positioned on the 4 points of the lift and easily lifted and tilted using a remote control.

Superior refinish

Tilting the vehicle facilitates the air circulation and ensures an effective extraction of the paint vapours.

For flat or grilled floor

The lift can be integrated in any type of basement. The perfect fit for flat and grilled floors.

Original design

The Modular Lift was designed and produced by Saicozero founder Pierangelo Ghilardi in 2009.


An external coverage to place the booth outdoors with no problems. This is the perfect solution for our clients who have an outdoor space and prefer to not invest in expensive buildings.

Equipped wall

An equipped wall integrated into the side panels of the spray booth, with a width of 100 cm and a depth of 30 cm. The wall is complete with an equipment cabinet and reduced and direct air utilities. 

It is designed to keep the work environment tidy and guarantee the operator an ergonomic availability of tools. The equipped wall also includes a pneumatic control panel with integrated suction for compressed air, vacuum and sand suction.

Touch screen

Easy and complete control of all functions of the spray booth and prep area. Our smart technology allows for the operator to intuitively customise all processes to better fit their needs.

All-round control

Control the lighting, temperature, air pressure, filter conditions, process phase and more.

User friendly

Intuitive software to make the operator's job as fast and easy as possible.

PLC technology

Advanced programmable logic controller with remote access.

Natural Shine

Low VOC concentration

This product supports VOC reduction schemes to keep the environment clean and healthy.


This product is made for cleaning spray booth floors and there is no risk of combustion. 


No waste, you can simply refill the bottle with more Natural Shine or throw it in the recycle bin. 

Optimal results

Simply the most effective product for removing varnish and paint. Perfect for our Flat Comfort Floor.

Floor lights

Illumination inside the booth facilitates the operator’s work and improves the performance and working times.

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