TC Compact

Traditional compact solution

The TC Compact is a spray booth with traditional dry filtration and an ultra-compact generator that is only one meter wide. It offers top-class performances and is designed specifically for clients with space restrictions. 

With a one-meter wide generator that can be placed directly against the wall and a 20-cm tall floor, the TC will allow you to truly take advantage of your available space.

1-meter wide


20-cm tall


Top-class performance

A comfortable, compact and performant solution for body shops

Dry Filtration

Three-stage dry filtration to ensure a clean working environment and continuous strong airflow.

Compact Design

Ultra-compact design to take full advantage of the available space. It can adapt perfectly to any working environment.

Uniform Airflow

Diffused plenum to ensure a strong and equally distributed airflow throughout the whole booth in all working phases.

Comfort Design

Designed to optimise the comfort of the operator and therefore boost the productivity of the body shop.

Diffused illumination

Half-moon shaped diffusers eliminate “dead zones” and allow for uniform airflow throughout the whole booth. They also allow for the lights to be placed directly above the painted objects.

Flat & Grilled Comfort Floor

The Flat & Grilled Comfort Floor is designed to optimise the comfort of the operator and ease the movement of equipment carts and stands.

Multiple energy generator

Option to include the EMG generator to diversify your energy with a click. Switch between electric, methane and LPG at your convenience.

Class and efficiency

Designed with our signature 4-wing door entrance to add a touch of Saicozero class and efficiency to your body shop. 

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