Spot repair

Designed to maintain a clean working environment during prepping, sanding and spot repair operations.

Personalised solutions

Mobile and fixed spot repair solutions. 


Express booth on wheels.


Fixed spot repair booths.

XSP Express

Booth on wheels

A spot repair trailer on wheels. The perfect mobile solution for exhibitions and for performing prepping, sanding and spot repair operations in different locations.

Main features

Paris Express

Tunnel booth

Main features

PR Spot

Flat Suction Floor

Main features


Spot repair booth

A full spot repair booth with Flat Comfort Floor and diffused illumination.

Down draft

Uniform down draft airflow throughout the whole booth.

Diffused plenum

Diffused illumination without compromising the airflow.

Flat Comfort floor

Completely flat and smooth surface to optimise the comfort. 

Compact design

70-cm wide generator that can be placed directly against the wall.

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