Prep areas

Designed to maintain a clean working environment during prepping and sanding operations.

Personalised solutions

All of our prep area models can be equipped with Saicozero Regenerative Filtration or Traditional Dry Filtration.

Regenerative filtration

Reduces operating costs and emissions while maintaining performances.

Traditional dry filtration

Three-stage dry filtration system, maintains a clean airflow.

PAC Suction Wall

A simple solution for prepping and sanding objects.

PR Extra

For extra class, extra performance and extra efficiency.

Semi-down draft prep area

The PR Extra was designed to give a touch of Saicozero class and efficiency to your body shop. It is equipped with plenum and suction wall to guarantee an illuminated and comfortable working area.

Suction wall

The suction wall is integrated in the generator side of the booth to guarantee a uniform airflow.


Diffused or traditional plenum with integrated LED or neon lights, customised to fit the needs of the body shop.

Curtains or walls

The PR Extra can be equipped with motorised curtains or walls. The color of the area can be white or black.

Plenum option

Choose which plenum fits the needs of your working environment.


Diffused illumination

Half-moon shaped diffusers eliminate “dead zones” and allow for uniform airflow throughout the whole booth. They also allow for the lights to be placed directly above the painted objects.

Classic design

Corner lights are positioned on each side of plenum without disturbing the airflow. A diffuser is positioned inside the plenum to ensure an equally distributed airflow throughout the whole prep area.

PR Extra Gallery

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