Paint Platforms

For the fast and orderly repair of car fleets

Paint Platforms are an extra-large version of the Saicozero Multizone, which have been developed to meet the increasing demand for the repair of large quantities of vehicles. 

In Paint Platforms you can prep, paint and cure multiple vehicles using different colours simultaneously without having to move them between operations. The workflow is therefore extremely efficient and the results are guaranteed. 

We have the technology, the know-how and the manpower to install fixed or temporary Paint Platforms in locations where the fast and orderly repair of large volumes of cars is needed.

Numbers Speak

Superior performance with minimum operating costs

20 °C
Inside the Platform
11 kW
Electric consumption for every 40 m2
0 kcal
Heating consumption

All-rounded Concept

Paint Platforms are not only about providing the best possible equipment that reduces the operating costs and emissions, but about the complete reorganisation of the workflow. They are designed to allow organisations such as leasing and insurance companies to remain competitive in the fleet car repair industry by ensuring performance, efficiency and low operating costs.

Regenerative Filtration

A sophisticated four-stage filtration system that reduces emissions and operating costs of the booth in all work phases.

Circular Heating

No burners or electric heating systems are required to maintain the booth at around 20°C during the cold winter months.

Speedy Workflow

A revolutionary concept that allows for the fast and orderly repair of vehicles, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Space Efficiency

Every centimeter of the Paint Platform can be used to optimise the workflow and take full advantage of the available space.

Comfort Design

Designed to optimise the comfort of the operator and therefore boost the productivity of the body shop.

Diffused illumination

Half-moon shaped diffusers eliminate “dead zones” and allow for uniform airflow throughout the whole booth. They also allow for the lights to be placed directly above the painted objects.

Flat Comfort Floor

The design of Paint Platforms allows for operators to move freely between one vehicle and another in a comfortable and safe environment. The Flat Comfort floor solves the problem of working on traditional grate floors which are uncomfortable to work and kneel on.

Paint Platform Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the unique thing of Paint Platforms is that, thanks to the strong and equally distributed down draft airflow, you can paint cars or pieces with different colors in the same working area. This helps for a speedy workflow as the cars do not have to be constantly moved around and every cm of the Platform can be used simultaneously.

The Platform is designed based on the work load and available space. It can start from 2 to however many work stations fit the needs of the client. Our biggest Paint Platform to date has 12 work stations, meaning that 12 cars can be prepped, painted and cured simultaneously.

Yes, all of our products are designed and produced in-house. Our production facility is located in Arezzo, Italy and we ensure the highest quality for each piece of our booths.

Yes, the CE certificate and manual is given with each of our products, and the Regenerative Filtration System is in strict compliance with the regulations of each country around the world.

No, thanks to it’s flat and smooth service, it is actually easier to clean with our bioproduct Natural Shine. All you have to do is spray the Natural Shine product, wait for it to soak in then easily peel off all of the paint and varnish.

Yes, we provide top-quality traditional spray booths as well. However, we hold all of our products to a certain technological standard, so even our more traditional models should not be compared to those of other companies. 

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