Paint Platforms

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Paint Platforms

The repair of large quantities of vehicles

Paint Platforms are an extra-large version of the Saicozero Multizone, which have been developed to meet the increasing demand for the repair of large quantities of vehicles. 

In Paint Platforms you can prep, paint and cure multiple vehicles using different colours simultaneously without having to move them between operations. The workflow is therefore extremely efficient and the results are guaranteed. 

We have the technology, the know-how and the manpower to install fixed or temporary Paint Platforms in locations where the fast and orderly repair of large volumes of cars is needed.


Regenerative filtration

Minimum emissions and minimum operating costs with optimal results.

Optimised workflow

The fastest way to repair a large quantity of vehicles in less time guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Fast installation times

70–100 cm wide integrated regenerator that can be positioned directly against the wall with maintenance from inside the booth.

Lower operating costs

The operating costs are significantly reduced thanks to the regenerative filtration system and extremely efficient workflow.

Down draft

Uniform down draft airflow throughout the whole booth for superior refinishing.

Diffused lighting

Better illumination throughout the whole booth without influencing the airflow.


The performances and dimensions are personalised to satisfy the workflow.

comfort and efficiency

Optimised workflow


Paint Platforms is not only about providing the best possible equipment that reduces the operating costs and emissions, but about the complete reorganisation of the workflow. A revolutionary concept that allows for the fast and orderly repair of vehicles, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.


The design of Paint Platforms allows for operators to move freely between one vehicle and another in a comfortable and safe environment. The Flat Comfort floor solves the problem of working on traditional grate floors which are uncomfortable to work and kneel on.

Space efficiency

Multiple vehicles and parts can be painted using different colours simultaneously. This means that every centimeter of the Paint Platform can be used to optimise the workflow and take full advantage of the available space.

less operating costs, less emissions


Saicozero’s Regenerative Filtration reduces the operating costs and emissions of the booth significantly while allowing you to achieve better results.

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