Industrial & Aviation

Customised painting solutions

Customised down draft and semi-down draft spray booths for the refinish of boats, aircrafts and industrial componentsThe dimensions and performances of our spray booths are designed to fit the needs of the client. 

We also offer climate-controlled booths which can help boost productivity in places with hot or humid climates. 

Climate-controlled spray booths

More comfort = more productivity

We provide semi-down draft and down draft spray booths for marine and aviation refinishing. Unlike any other, our highly sophisticated system allows you to maintain the temperature and humidity of the booth at set levels despite the external climate conditions. Having the possibility to do so will revolutionise your working environment, increasing the comfort and productivity of the operators and guaranteeing a superior finish of the painted objects.

Top-class performance

Designed to make your work more comfortable and efficient.

Dry or Regenerative filtration

We offer booths with traditional dry filtration or with the Saicozero Regenerative filtration system to reduce operating costs.

Down or side-draft airflow

Strong and equally distributed down draft or semi-down draft airflow throughout the whole booth to prevent dust settlements.

After sales customer care

We provide customer care before and after sales to find personalised solutions tailored to the needs of each client.


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