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Frequently Asked Questions

The Multizone is more than a spray booth or prep area. It is a booth in which you can prep, paint and cure parts and vehicles.

Yes, we provide maintenance services to our booths all over the world.

Yes, all of our products are designed and produced in-house. Our production facility is located in Arezzo, Italy and we ensure the highest quality for each piece of our booths.

Yes, the CE certificate and manual is given with each of our products, and the Regenerative Filtration System is in strict compliance with the regulations of each country around the world.

No, thanks to it’s flat and smooth service, it is actually easier to clean with our bioproduct Natural Shine. All you have to do is spray the Natural Shine product, wait for it to soak in then easily peel off all of the paint and varnish.

Yes, we provide top-quality traditional spray booths as well. However, we hold all of our products to a certain technological standard, so even our more traditional models should not be compared to those of other companies. 

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