Better illumination without compromising the airflow

Illuminated and dust-free paint jobs

When it comes to spray booths, illumination and airflow are key. An illuminated work area will significantly facilitate the operator’s work, increasing their performance and work times. A uniform airflow will avoid dust settlements on the painted objects, guaranteeing a much faster and cleaner paint job.

The conflict between airflow and illumination

Lights placed directly above the painted objects will improve the illumination of the booth significantly. However, when placed improperly, the lights will cause “dead zones”, which are sections within the booth where there is no airflow.  

If you have a traditional flat plenum and place a row of lights smack in the middle, there will be no air coming out of the row of lights: this section will be a dead zone. The problem with dead zones is not only that there will be a section inside the booth with no airflow, but that they also cause turbulences. Turbulences significantly increase the amount of the dust settlements on the painted objects, forcing painters to redo a job multiple times. 

How to achieve better illumination without disturbing the airflow

The half-moon shape of Saicozero’s diffusers allows for multiple rows of lights to be placed directly above the painted objects without disturbing the airflow. How? Thanks to the round shape of the diffusers, the air comes out not only straight down but in all directions, even where there are rows of lights.  

The air is then uniformly distributed vertically throughout the whole booth, obtaining the perfect down draft airflow for achieving clean paint jobs. The absence of dust settlements will increase your productivity by at least 20%

And voila! There you have it, better illumination without influencing the airflow. 

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