4 ways the Multizone can help boost your profitability

The money-making machine

Since 2004, Saicozero has revolutionised not only the equipment used inside the body shop, but also the overall workflow of the body shop. Our mission has focused mainly on solving four key issues that will help boost your profitability:

1. Reducing the amount of space required for a spray booth

The Saicozero Multizone’s integrated regenerator occupies only 70–100 cm of space and can be positioned directly against the wall with maintenance from inside the booth. No intrusive columns, ceiling hangers or excavations are required.

The booth is simply placed directly on top of the body shop’s floor and against the wall with no need for masonry work and no wasted space for maintenance. This allows for the Multizone to adapt perfectly to the working environment of the body shop and for much faster and easier installation times.

2. Improving the comfort of the operator

Lack of columns allow for the operator to move freely from one work area to another without encountering obstacles. The Saicozero Flat Comfort Floor eases the movement of equipment carts and helps operators avoid back pain problems that typically come from working on grates all day. Once you have tried our flat floor there is no going back!

3. Optimising the workflow

Inside the Multizone you can prep, paint and cure parts and vehicles without moving them between operations. This will save you space and time: two very important factors that when optimised will make your workflow much more fluid and profitable.

4. Reducing your operating costs

More efficient use of your available space, improved comfort for the operator and an optimised workflow will already go a far way in cutting operating costs. But we like to go BIG

Beyond the compact and comfortable design of the Multizone is the actual system which truly makes this product supreme. Our regenerative filtration system is the only proven system that requires less energy for a great volume of air; less energy for reaching high temperatures; and less energy for unparalleled results.

Always two steps ahead in technology.

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